“Mom I Just Want to Act”

There is really no age limit when it comes to acting. Many great actors start their career as child stars. It really gave them great advantage because they started their career on a very young age, giving them a lot of time to practice and enhance their talents. Your child can also be a great actor one day and these tips below can help you help your child to achieve his/her acting dreams.

1. Know what he/she wants. It is not fair for children if you force them to do acting if that is not what they really want. Forcing them would just harm their growth and your relationship with your children. Communication is important and if they want to do acting then encourage them go for it.

2. Help your child to practice. If acting is really your children’s pasion then help them with it. A good way to help your child to practice is by picking a particular scene then be the other actor on that scene. Explain to them what are the right emotions that the character must show and make them express it. This way you can bond and at the same time help your children to be a good actor.

3. Manage your child’s activity. Sometimes, your children just want you to be proud and still continue to rehearse the lines even if their bodies are giving up. Be careful of the signs of stress. It is not just the health of your children that will be compromise but also the development of their acting talent. Dumping a lot of emotions, scenarios and thoughts to your children’s mind could minimize their ability to focus.

4. Support all the way. Be a stage parent. Be their acting coach. Children is very much vulnerable and because of that they see you as an inspiration and their pillars of support. Acting audtions and stage palys can be nerve-wracking to your children and they all the support they can get from you. Be there as a parent, an acting coach and a friend.

Kids see acting as a venue for their creativity and it is just right for you to support them with their passion. They are very sensitive to failures and bad comments so be sure to always there to support and encourage them to stand up after a failure and still fight for their dream. Their dream of being a great actor/actress someday.

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