Acting Auditions

Auditioning for an acting role can be two things, a walk in the park or a disaster in its highest level. To avoid the latter make sure to be ready before the audition day. Plan everything and get things in-order, such as the clothes you will be wearing, makeup, your acting resume and of course you should be on your game face. Here are some important things you need to remember in auditioning for an acting role.

– In auditioning for a particular role, producers almost always give specific lines for you to say in front of a camera or a scene that you need to act out. So you should memorize and internalize the scenes and the lines because it will be the basis of the producers in picking the right person for the role. Sometimes they will give you a specific character to portray ahead of time. You must study the character thoroughly. Researching for the character’s background, how that character moves or his/her traits will surely give you ideas on how to portray that character very well.

– When going to an acting audition that no particular lines or scenes given, it is important that you have a lot of sample scenes prepared. Get some scenes from your favorite movie or stage play and rehearse it before going to the auditions. Sometimes producers want their talent to be able to act on their own or to be automatic when the camera starts rolling. When choosing the scenes, try to find the ones that require wide variations of emotions, because versatility is very important characteristic that an actor/actress should have.

Practice those scenes days before audition time. Eventually it will be like a common routine for you and that will help you to gain confidence and it will be easy for you to show the emotions needed for that particular scene.

– Some acting auditions require you to send audition tapes for them to study the type of role that will suit you and also your acting skills. In this case, you need to seek help from your acting coach or even your friends to help you with the acting video. Give everything to the video, keep it in mind that even though it is not the actual audition day but it will be the basis if the producers will call you for the studio audition.

– Be confident. It is important that before you are called in front of the producers, you must be in the right character. Remember that when you’re still on the backstage, you need to be in character and has the right emotions and that character and emotions will also end after going back to the backstage. That way the producers will see you as a professional that really can act and knows what acting is all about and of course; ready to make it on the bigger stage.

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