Acting on Stage

Acting is not only done on TVs and on big screen, acting on stage is a very old but still a popular type of acting. Though it is no longer the “head of the pact” when it comes to acting nowadays but stage productions are very much alive. Acting on stage is never easy to do.  Actors defy stage fright which is one of the scariest a man could experience. Unlike acting on TV or in movies, stage plays is much harder to do because everything is live and a simple mistake can ruin the whole production. Live singing and dancing is also done on stage productions such as musicals that are very hard to perform. Nevertheless, it is a very good venue for aspiring actors to show their craft. Stage plays are a great way of enhancing your acting talent because it requires nothing but the best on every actor. If you want to be a stage actor then here are some tips that can help you prepare to be a stage actor.

1. Know what you want

Just like in television and in movies, stage plays require different type of actor, so it is important for you to know what type of acting you want, whether you want comedy, drama or action. It is a good thing if you know how to do it all but you need to concentrate and focus on one genre that you want and master it. It is important because this will be your basis on what role you want to get. Don’t just audition for everything because if you’re really a drama actor then it is hard for you to do comedy in just a snap. Learn to do one genre first then as you develop take up another genre until you are versatile enough to take on any acting role.

2. Practice makes perfect

It is normally easier said than done. Practicing for a stage play can mean many hours rehearsing and lots of lines to memorize; on top of that you also have to learn the choreographies and the stunts. It is a very challenging thing to do and it requires near-to-perfect acting to pull it off, so lots of practice are needed. Before entering the acting audition, you need to practice your lines perfectly until it is a normal routine for you to act and show different emotions in just a snap. Practicing in front of a crowd can also boost your confidence and will help you focus on doing your character rather thinking about stage fright.

3. Get help.

The seasoned actors didn’t make it big on their own. Sometimes, enrolling on acting classes can help you know the basics and is a great start when choosing stage acting as a career. Attending acting workshops is also a good thing to do because acting is not just about showing emotions, there are techniques and attending classes and workshops can help you with that. It is also a good choice to get a talent agent that can help you find casting calls and auditions. They know the ins and outs of the stage productions so you can just focus on improving your acting skills.

Sure, there are still many things to be considered when you choose to act on the stage but these three tips can make the road to stardom and a great stage acting career easier.

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