Acting: So You Want to be a Comedian

Mad About You was one of the first few comedy series that featured humorous duet acting. Starred by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, the show was centered on the newlyweds finding their way through their marriage and New York City. One of the most admired features of the series was it humility to find comedy in even the simplest yet realistic situations in our everyday lives. For that, Mad About You aired for nearly 7 years and was awarded on several categories.

Telling a joke is not as easy as making people laugh. More often, what is funny to you might seem a little boring for some. So here are some tips if you are considering being a comedian some day.

  1. Timing and delivery is everything.

Certain situations may give you an opportunity to raise a joke and say something funny, but there are also situations that might call for a more serious mood. If that is the case, telling a joke might even offend someone. Thus, it is very important that you find the right timing for your jokes. Just the same, if you have the funniest jokes to tell but are not able to deliver it in a manner that makes it funny, the joke is put to waste. While finding your cue, also try to imagine the situations or circumstances where a joke is appropriate.

  1. Always keep your material fresh.

Hearing the same old jokes every time may bore and tire people out. So if you want to pursue a career on being “the funny guy”, make sure you know enough to be able to constantly come up with fresh ideas and inspirations for your jokes and funny stories.

  1. Accept criticisms.

It may seem like making people laugh is a breeze. However, it isn’t. the best and most well-known comedians have long been practicing to be able to master what they do. Accept criticisms, especially objective ones, and treat them as your motivation into being the best comedian you can be. Always welcome the feedback coming from the audience, and comments coming from your fellow comedians. These will help you a lot to improve your act and your skills in making people laugh.

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