Acting Summer Camp for Kids

Summer is fast approaching and kids will definitely like the free time, but the long hours of just playing can be boring and will make them exhausted. So why not set-up an acting camp for kids and make that open for all your neighbors that want to take-up acting as a hobby. I bet you’re not a respected actor or actress but here are some tips on how you can organize summer acting workshop for the whole neighborhood that will make their summer more fun and productive.

Plan everything- Before you can start gathering kid and start the acting camp, you need to plan first the whole thing. List down the details and the things needed to make this possible like the subjects that you are going to teach, the venue and how many kids you expected to join. Even though this is only a small acting camp but everything must be on the right note. Everything must be well organized to ensure the acting camp will have a smooth sailing.

Research- After you list down the details of your acting summer camp, you need now to research about the subject that you’re going to teach. Unless you’re an award winning director, you must learn it yourself first and understand the basic of acting for you to be able to teach well. One way to get information is by doing research online. There are a lot of tips and useful stuffs in the internet that you can use, like how to express emotions while acting or the scenes that you can use as an example for the kids to follow or to give them additional ideas about what you are teaching.

Organize a recital- Make the commencement of the acting summer camp more fun and memorable to the kids. Organize a recital to give them the feel of how to act in front of an audience. Invite their parents and the whole neighborhood to a stage play let the children strut their stuff. Let them use the things they learned from the acting summer camp. You can do this by doing an adaptation of a well-known stage play or you can let the children choose different stories that they want to act. Letting them choose will make them feel more confident and comfortable.

These are just few of the things you want to consider in order to organize a fun and productive acting summer camp. Always remember that this is for the children so make it fun, enjoyable and of course productive.

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