Acting Tips

Acting is in everyday life, whether you are in school and reciting a poem or on the basketball court doing crossover move. Acting is everywhere and in everyone, but some people, though, develop a great skill in acting in front of the camera or in the big stage. I’m talking about making acting as a career and I have some helpful suggestions that can propel you to stardom.

–       Practice makes perfect.

Acting talent is made not born. In this case, it is important to get yourself used to portraying different characters for you to show emotions easily. It is not just about memorizing the lines or knowing the right hand gestures, it is about stepping onto the shoes of the character you are portraying and being one with him/her. You don’t also have to practice on your own. Practice your lines with some friends and make them comment on how well you deliver it. They are in the good position to see if you are delivering your lines from the heart or just plain memorizing it. Don’t stop practicing until it is like a normal routine for you. The ability to show different emotions is what separates great actor/actress from normal ones.

–       Know your character

Being LIKE the character is one thing, and being THE character is another. It is not enough to just portray the character that the director gave you. You have to be that character and in order to do that you need to research and study about your character. Acting is learning and if you want be a great actor then study well. If the director wants you to portray Former President George W. Bush then you need to study everything about him; the way he acts, talks, and every little details of him. Visit the internet and the library because it will surely help you prepare for that acting role.  Acting the will be so much easier for you if you have ample knowledge about the character.

–       Take your time

One important thing to remember in acting is you shouldn’t rush yourself. Timing is everything in getting an acting role and giving extra effort will surely be rewarded. Successful actors and actresses always take their time. They don’t rush accepting a role just to have a movie or a TV series; it also applies for the aspiring actors and actresses. Going to an acting audition can be nerve-wracking but it will surely help you if take your time and wait for the right acting role for you.

–       Confidence and Focus

If you’ve been to an acting workshop or school then you probably heard these words from your acting instructors or coaches a lot of times. These words can make or break your acting career. Others thought that practicing alone is enough for them to land a role, but even if you’ve mastered all the lines but it will not assure you that you will do great in front of the camera. Distractions can be a big trouble for you and to avoid that, having confidence and focus will help you go through this. Slowly build your confidence and one way to do that is to practice in front of a crowd then focus on the character and don’t let anything distract you from acting the character you play.

Surely, there are still a lot of things you could do to become a great actor/actress. But doing these four simple tips is a big first step towards a successful acting career.

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