Auditioning With Acting Poems

When wanting to start a career in acting, auditioning or trying out for a role just might be one of the most nerve-wrecking, yet most crucial stage in the process. And because it is needless to say that there would be thousands of aspiring actors and actresses that present themselves as worthy, it might be a good idea to bring in a piece that would make you stand out. One way to do that is by delivering a poem for your auditions.

Poems are interesting pieces of literature as they are such shorts words that carry deep meaning. They are well thought of, and some of the most popular poems were or are being used in theater and in the movies. Bringing in a poem for an audition might just be the one to catch the attention of the director. If you are not familiar with poems, here are some names that you might find appealing:

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright, as was widely recognized as the greatest writer in the English language. His works between 1589 and 1613 were among the most popular and his early plays that he produced were mainly comedies and histories.
To name a few, his poems include A Lover’s Complaint, The Passionate Pilgrim, The Phoenix and the Turtle, The Rape of Lucrece, Venus and Adonis, and a wide array of sonnets.

Edgar Allan Poe
He was best known for his morbid and mysterious anecdotes, and is credited for contributing to the now well-appreciated genre of science fiction. One notable about him is that he was first famous American writer who tried to actually earned a living out of writing alone, which didn’t go too well as they experienced financial problems at that.
Among his poetic creations are Annabel Lee, A Dream Without a Dream, Eldorado, To Helen and Tamerlane.

Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou was a woman of many names. She was an author, poet, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer and a civil rights activist at that. However, what she was famous for was her autobiographical books; one of which was I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in 1969 which earned a nomination for the National Book Award.
Other poems authored by her include Alone, Men, Passing Time, Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise and Touched by an Angel.

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