Choosing the Right Acting Costume

A critical part of acting is choosing the right costume for you. Yes, expressing the right emotions every scene is good acting but doing it wearing the appropriate acting costume will make you even better. Acting, whether on stage, movie or TV requires every actors and actresses to be on their costume, depending on their roles. You can’t just wear anything and expect everyone that you pulled a great scene. In acting, everything must be right on its place and it doesn’t mean just memorizing the lines and doing the scene right, costume plays a major role and here are three things you need to consider in choosing the right acting clothes:

  1. Choose the appropriate clothes. – Choosing the right costume is not always choosing what you want to wear. You have to know the character you are playing. Research about the types of clothes that character wears, for example if the character you are playing is a renaissance man then find the clothes that would fit to that description. This will help the audience in recognizing what role you are playing.
  1. Color combination is critical. – In acting, the in-charge of the making the set are instructed to decorate it according to the scene. When the scene is about Wild West and cowboys then the color of the costumes must coincide with the set. You can’t wear neon or bright colors when doing the cowboy scene right? Everything in acting must be right on the spot. The director will not be pleased when the scene is about cowboys and wild wild west then you arrive with a neon green colored attire.
  1. Accessorize your clothes. – Acting is about details. If you want to be a good actor or actress then you have to be particular even on the accessories that you are using. Costumes can be more recognizable and more appealing to the audience if the right accessories are being used. You can’t just wear something glittery or a glamorous necklace if you’re playing a poor man right? So costume is not just the clothes you are wearing, accessories are also important in acting.

In acting you should remember that it is not enough to the right emotion on every scene. The eyes of the audience is the first to decide on acting and it is a positive thing if the audience can recognize what role you are acting even before you say your lines. Though showing the right emotion is from you alone but acting in a right costume can help you connect with the audience because the clothes you wear is critical in every scene.

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