Do’s and Dont’s in Making an Actors Resume

A business résumé is just as important and is generally of the same purpose as an actor’s résumé. In the business world, the résumé is the first thing that the employer sees. This might just be one’s ticket to getting a job interview and eventually a possible job offer. In show business, on the other hand, an acting résumé is an actor or actress’ chance to impress the director and squeeze his or her way into an audition and possibly a casting call. Hence, it should contain relevant information which implies “I am the one that you are looking for”; and here’s the way to do it.

In writing résumés, the KISS principle should always be applied –Keep It Short and Simple. Directors or the people in-charge of the castings are often times too busy that they do not have much time scanning through lengthy résumés. Therefore, it is best to keep it comprehensive yet short at the same time.

Being an actor or actress means being seen by millions of viewers. Needless to say, one’s appearance and physical attributes are some of the qualities that are most likely checked first. Place a headshot on your résumé to give the staff a glimpse of how you look like, and make sure it is as presentable and professional-looking as it can be.

The document must also contain significant data such as contact details, acting background and experiences, and acting trainings that one have attended in the past. Include also acting achievements and awards, if there are any, as it will give them an idea as to how talented one is and/or what kind of an actor/actress one is. Remember: Impression is everything when presenting one’s self.

One very important reminder when making a résumé: Do not lie. Lying about the people you’ve worked with or the projects one have supposedly done will not really help. Yes, it may impress the director and initially lead him/her into thinking that you are a great actor/actress. Nonetheless, once everyone finds out that you lied, not only will it ruin their expectations, but it will also give you a bed reputation in the industry. Name dropping will also do one no good. More importantly, check your résumé for any spelling and grammatical errors. Misspelled words and grammatically incorrect sentences create a bad impression whereas a faultless one leads them to formulate favorable ideas about the applicant. So double check everything.

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