Easy Acting

When we hear the word acting, what we immediately envision are the bright lights, sleepless nights, glamorous make-up and wardrobe, and the never-ending rollercoaster of emotions. Sounds complicated, isn’t it? However, we fail to consider the fact that acting may be one of the most basic things that we do everyday. For instance, when your conversation with a friend is boring you out, you do not want to be rude so you act as if you are wide-awake and interestingly listening. That’s acting. You love your mom so much that even though her cooking sometimes tastes funny, you eat it anyway and tell her it’s wonderful. That, too, is acting. In the simplest sense of the word, to act means to portray, pretend or simulate. Hence, it turns out that acting is not really a complicated thing after all. So if you are on your way to becoming that person in front of the camera, here are some tips for easy acting.

1. Know the story.

Especially when you are auditioning for a part, it is vital that you know a thing or two about the movie or play that you are auditioning for. This helps you to get to know that characters better understand the story deeper and appreciate the experience as a whole. Research about the play or the movie such as the author or director, the setting, the inspiration behind the drama as well as the other aspects relevant to it. More importantly, look through each of the characters and try to digest their personalities and figure out how they are important to each other.

2. Study your character of choice.

After reading about the story as a whole, it’s time to get into the details and specifics of your character of choice. Knowing your character makes it easier for you to connect with the emotions of the character; hence making it easier for you to put yourself in his or her shoes. Aside from that, it also makes your acting more realistic and believable.

3. Practice.

One cannot really master the art of acting. Good actors never settle at a certain level, rather they acknowledge the fact that they still have a lot to learn; thus should always welcome criticisms and make room for improvements. As a result, they become better actors every time. Practice your craft. Explore your options and techniques, as well as your emotions and how your can use them to your acting advantage.

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