For Which Medium are You

When we talk of acting, what normally comes to mind is the portrayal of different roles; or as they say it, putting one’s self in another person’s shoes. However, what we fail to consider is the fact that there are various forms of acting in different types of media. In addition to that, although it is acting per se, each medium has different demands and characteristics. If you are an aspiring actor or actress, but can’t seem to figure out which medium of acting you would want to concentrate on, this might probably help you choose.

Film Acting

A lot of people see film acting as the most “normal” kind of acting. Unlike stage acting which calls for an over the top and exaggerated performance, filming a movie involves working with people who are wearing the usual clothes and places that are most likely familiar to you. However, bringing together a one to two hour movie is not an easy task. Often times, it takes hours to record a scene that will only show in the movie for a few seconds. You may also need to change locations from time to time and, depending on the type of movie being shot, some locations are not as comfortable as the others.

Stage Acting

Of all the types of acting, theater is the most demanding, physically and mentally. Because theater plays are shown live, the actors need to be in their best behavior and performance. Their lines must be known by heart, and every move must be calculated and rehearsed. Aside from that, stage plays often make use of large, heavy and glamorous props, and accessories, which you might have to use, and still maintain poise while showing no signs of discomfort. Acting-wise, theater is very demanding, as it needs to have a great sense of physicality. Elaborate gestures, loud reactions, and big movements are some of these that are required for stage plays.

Voice Acting

This is a different and unusual type of acting as no part of your body is sensed in the film, except your voice. Often times, voice acting is utilized in animated series such as cartoons and make-believe images. Because you are the one giving life to objects that are supposedly inanimate, it should sound very different, much like how you tell a story to a three-year-old kid. Needless to say, your voice is the only part of you being used so utmost care is required for it.

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