How to Become an Effective Antagonist

As explained the easiest, an antagonist is a person or group of people that opposes the main character or the protagonist. In a typical story, for instance, the superhero in the movie is the protagonist while the villain who is going against the superhero is the antagonist. It should still be considered however, that both roles play just as important. Most of the people in the audience are always looking forward to the character of the antagonist as much as they are excited about the protagonist, especially those that love to hate, or those that get too engrossed with the lead character; hence, one role should be taken as seriously as the other. So here are some tips to help you improve your skills on playing the antagonist:

  1. Know your character and the story behind it.

To be able to effectively play a character, you have to be in character; and what better way to do that than getting to know your role better. You have to understand where all the feelings of hate, anger or bitterness are coming from so your audience can also feel the same. If you’re playing the role of a killer, you need to understand the emotions running around a killer’s mind and why he finds it necessary or fulfilling to take away people’s lives. Always remember to do your research, understand your character and internalize.

  1. Apply what you’ve learned.

The whole point of researching is so you could have an idea on why the antagonist has to act in certain ways. After knowing and understanding why, it’s time for you to incorporate them in your acting. Get hold of all the feelings, and make the audience feel the same way through your acting. Seeing the situation from different points of view aid in being able to act realistically and more effective.

  1. Enjoy your character.

More often, playing the antagonist requires heavy, unhappy emotions. However, that’s not all there is to it. Some antagonist roles also require the actor or actress to dress in fancy costumes and wear bizarre accessories and make-up. It’s also important and helpful to see the good in the role that you play, making it possible for you to have fun while being miserable.

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