How to become an Effective Theater Artist

Theater acting may be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs, but it may also be one of the toughest. It might seem to be all about the glamorous facade and the fun that the actors and actresses experience during practices, but what the audience does not see is that such profession also requires a whole lot of time, effort, dedication, and not to mention, talent. Thus, here are some tips that might help you if you want to become an effective theater artist.

  1. Learning and practicing should be endless.

As they say it, practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the more your body, thoughts and expressions become accustomed to the demands of theater acting. Theater requires acting with big and highlighted gestures to give emphasis on the emotions and expressions, and also to make the acting seen by the people in with the farthest seats. More importantly, a good actor is not built overnight. So it is important that one continues to learn, practice and master his or her chosen craft.

  1. Prioritize and love what you do.

As mentioned earlier, being in theater requires a lot of time, effort and hard work, not to mention sacrifices. You have to attend long hours of practices and rehearsals, make sure you know your lines and your blocking and possibly share in the task of making backdrops and props. When one is unemployed, it might mean missing out on several work days to be able to attend practices. When you are married and have kids, it might mean not being able to watch your son’s football game or attend your daughter’s recital. And for the singles, it might mean cutting back on your night-outs and time with friends. But whichever group you are in, if you love what you do, a little sacrifice would not hurt a bit.

  1. Become your character.

The key to theater acting is making people understand the story with the help of your character; making the audience see, hear and feel that they are not watching, for instance, their neighbor playing the role of a crazy woman, but rather, it is a crazy woman standing before them. Before hitting the stage, you have to internalize, maintain focus and be in character. Think: Whatever happens, tonight, I am a crazy woman. That’s what makes a theater actor or actress good at his or her craft.

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