Learning How to Act

For most people, actors are born and not made. However for the other, acting is a skill which a person can learn and develop. At ont point, someone may be a better actor than you are. But after some time, you can just be as good, or even better,than everybody else. Here are some tips to get you started.

Practice. Acting is not something that you are able to perfect overnight. It takes a lot of practice and getting used to. As they say it, practice makes perfect. You may start with the first requirement of acting which is memorization. To do this, it is not enough that you read your piece twice or thrice. Reading it over and over again not only helps you memorize the words, but it helps you understand the story as well. That leads us to the next step which is understanding the content. Acting is not merely reciting the words. Rather, it is about the characters and the emotions being felt as they live their lives.

Do your research. To be a good actor, it is not enough that you have read your materials. It would also help if you read more about the story and its origin, as well as the characters and how they are important to each other’s lives. It is also especially important that you get to know that character you are playing his/her story and the way he or she thinks. This way, not only do you know what she is likely to say in different situations, but you would also know why it is that way. Knowing your character would help you internalize effectively; hence delivering more realistic emotions. This way, the audience does not see an actor in character, but the character himself.

Welcome criticisms. Being criticized is part of the learning process. It is also a given fact that every person is entitled to his or her opinion. As an actor, you have to welcome such opinions and treat them as notes for your next quiz. These comments will allow you to see yourself from a viewer’s point of view and realize the aspects of your acting which needs improvement. Criticisms are especially welcomed when they are coming from experts and experienced professionals. These are the kinds of people from whom you should be learning from as they are the ones who know a lot of the industry.

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