Things to Know When Acting with a Partner

Working with a partner on stage might look easy, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for it to be a success.

  1. You have to know your places.

It is important that when you act, the audience sees a duo doing an act together rather than two people just throwing lines at each other. Similarly, you will not be viewed as a single unit on stage, but as a team. You should work together and discuss with your partner the things that you should and should not do, and when those should be done. Both should complement each other in all aspects including their lines, gestures, facial expressions and especially the timing. Always remember that one’s role is just as important as the other, so it is but fair to give your partner his time to shine, and then yours after, or the other way around.

  1. Choreograph beforehand.

Theater acting has no take two’s or cuts. So it’s important that the duo be able to throw lines at each other, and discuss ways on how they can improve their act together. You may find it appropriate to tap your partner’s shoulder or to give out a grin after a particular line has been said. This way, you and your partner can get used to doing what should be done for the performance, and not end up thinking of what to do next while acting on stage. Every single detail should be well thought off and be attended to so as not to cause any questions or confusions when performance night comes.

  1. Practice.

Although it is important to know and master your lines, it is also essential that you practice it with your partner. It is in practicing that you are able to think of suitable adlibs to say while doing the scene while being more comfortable and getting used to working with your partner. It not only makes you get pass through that awkward stage with your partner (that is, if you did not know each other prior to doing the show), but it also makes the act seem more natural.

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