Tips for Your Acting Debut

A lot of people have long dreamt of being able to act on stage for an actual show. And we understand that your acting debut is very important to you as it marks the beginning of your career and journey as an actor. Thus, we have put together several tips when acting on stage.

  1. Maintain focus and concentration.

Being on stage might be too overwhelming for a first timer, seeing how many people came to watch, how big the venue is and how bright the lights are. Nevertheless, as an actor, you should be focused on what you are doing. Do not be distracted when you hear the audience talking or by the noise that people are making. Do not forget the things that you have practiced along with your co-actors.

It is also important to filter your thoughts to only those that your character might me thinking. Avoid uncharacteristic thoughts as this might just be a recipe for distraction. Always remember that, that night, you are no longer an actor. Rather, you are your character.

  1. Recover right away when you made a mistake.

Mistakes are unavoidable no matter how religiously you have practiced your lines, acting and your blocking. One of the things that makes an actor a good one is by how he is able to recover from a mistake made while onstage. A common blunder is when a character’s mind goes blank and forgets what he was supposed to say. No matter what happens, do not react. Stay in character, and do something your character would do while you are secretly trying to remember that forgotten line. If you are able to remember the line that comes after the one that you forgot, you might as well skip one line and move to the next. This is to avoid losing your focus more with dead air.

  1. Enjoy!

The more you think that you are going to commit some sort of mistake on stage, the more it can get into you. Take some time to relax, get yourself together and appreciate the whole experience of acting and performing. Be confident with the things that you have worked so hard for, and more than being nervous, be excited that you will be able to share those learnings along with your talents to your loved ones and to your audience.

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