Tips on Being the Lead Actor

The protagonist is generally the main character in a movie, stage play or literary work. It is the character to which the antagonist is against, and will most likely be communicating with. The story and most, if not all, circumstances will evolve around the things that the lead character does and thinks. However, the lead is not only limited to being one person. It could be two, three or more, depending on the story line that the movie or the play wishes to go for.

Being the core of the story, the protagonist’s character is very well-developed. It is gradually built from beginning until the play ends; hence the audience is able to have a full grasp and understanding of the things the protagonist thinks, says and does, and the reasons behind such behavior.

When playing the lead in a play, it is of course essential that you make a research on the type of person your character is –her family background, past experiences and the way she thinks. This will enable you to appreciate the character more and so you are able to be the character more. It will also be helpful if you read about the lead’s relationship with the other supporting characters. For instance, if the protagonist if a daughter, you should probably read about how her relationship is to her parents, friends and enemies. It would also bring you into a more comprehensive understanding of the character, as they are the ones who have influenced the protagonist into being who she is in the play.

After getting to know your character, you should now improve on yourself and your skills on making the story reach the audience. Narrating the story is different since the only thing required from it is reading. It’s different when you can get the message across and actually make the audience feel what the characters are feeling. So you have to look into yourself and your emotions, and figure out for yourself when these emotions might be appropriate.

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